Next month, May the 24th, I’ll be at the YOKOHAMA HANDMADE marche 2015.

As you can imagine I’ll bring earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches, but also men’s accessories as like as cufflinks and tie clips. All my merchandize is obviously made in micro mosaic. I’ve already ordered a new pack of spun enamel from Murano (Venice, Italy) to realize new jewels.

To realize micro mosaics I use glass of MOSAICI DONÀ MURANO, from Murano, Venice. Some of the sticks are spun by myself (using sticks from Murano and making them thinner, or using japanese glass from Kinari, Asakusabashi). The mortar I use is completely made by myself, as usually done for micro mosaics, because of  you cannot find it in any shop (nor in Japan, neither in Italy).

Link to the site page of YOKOHAMA HANDMADE marche 20915.

Link to my page of the YOKOHAMA HANDMADE marche 2015.



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