Micro mosaic earrings and necklace set – マイクロモザイクイヤリングとネックレスセット

micro mosaic earrings and necklace set

Another micro mosaic white daisy? Yes! But this is a micro mosaic set. Looking for some vintage earrings I found a very beautiful pair with a bead of coral. Instead of coral here you can find a glass lampwork bead. This is the first earrings + necklace set from Piccolo Mosaico, but wait for othe set in the future.

Size: necklace pendant 12mm; earrings 10 mm. Lampwork beads are around 6-7 mm.

Material: venetian glass (mosaic); soda glass (beads); brass.

Necklace pendant is already SOLD OUT. Earrings still available.




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