Micro mosaic necklace and earrings set – マイクロモザイクセット、ペンダントと

Micro mosaic set: pendant and earrings ST1502

Micro mosaic set: pendant necklace and earrings.

Micro mosaic set earrings SP1502

Micro mosaic set: earrings.

Micro mosaic set necklace SC1502

Micro mosaic set: pendant.

A new micro mosaic set with floral motif. Deep blue flowers and green leaves upon a dark yellow background. The mosaic is set in silver tone setting. Earrings and pendant have the same design; obviously dew to the handmade technique there are little differences between the three parts.

Size: round bezel is 10mm; drop bezel is 10×18mm. Overall earrings and pendant are 38mm high.

Material: venetian glass: brass.

Soon available on on-line shop.




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